My trip to Jamaica

Caribbean In 2008 I visited some Caribbean islands and it was unforgettable. It is a region endowed with an extremely rich culture, an enormous history and landscapes that are simply mesmerizing. One of the countries that were part of that trip was Jamaica. The...

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Dunns River Falls

The Dunns River falls are really close to Ocho Rios, on the north coast of Jamaica. They are a very well-known attraction of the Caribbean region and they are visited by thousands of tourists each year. The name Ocho Rios comes from the Spanish locution “Las...

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Jamaica, reggae and Bob Marley

Before the arrival of the Spanish, Jamaica was inhabited by Indians who called the land “Xaymaca”, “the land of wood and water”. The natives were decimated shortly after and the importation of African slaves began. With the arrival of the English the country started...

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